Unit 3: Media & Entertainment Essay

Fashion is a huge part of culture and has continued to evolve through out time, but as globalization begins to take place, fashion now evolves in new ways. In the fast paced world of social media and with easy accessibility to planes, cameras, Internet, smart phones and so on local fashion industries across the world are being linked. These new connections allow different aspects of the fashion industry across nations to influence each other, but also stand on their own in the global eye.
Before we began to see the globalization of fashion, places like Paris, and London were the fashion centers of the world, influenced only by their local cultures and not readily available to the worldwide public. In the blog I try to show the globalization of fashion through Fashion Week, Bloggers, and the media’s coverage of both. Fashion week in places like New York, Sao Paulo, and even Tokyo show fashions expansion moving away one center to multiple ones around the globe. As these new fashion centers began to gain recognition, media and ease of travel make it easy to connect fashionistas from around the globe. Fashion bloggers and stylist like Chriselle Lim and Aimee Song who I mention in the blog now attend multiple Fashion Weeks, not just the one closest to home and their blog post showcase how each fashion week inspires them. Although fashion has been globalized each independent fashion central has retained their own style and uniqueness, what has really changed is the worldwide access to the different styles, which now influence people from around the globe. Media has been a huge factor for fashion globalization.
The article I mention in the blog “Fashion in the Age of Instagram” talks about fashion week fashion shows being seen all around the world just as they are taking place. Snap shots of the shows are being put on instagram and other social media just as fashion week is taking place. A young girl in Spain can be looking for inspiration from a runway show in New York Just as a stylist from L.A. is doing the same all because a fashion blogger in New York fashion week has a smart phone.
In the blog I also mention Iza Goulart a super model from Brazil who participates in multiple Fashion Weeks from London, to Milan and Brazil. As fashion began to globalize models began to gain worldwide recognition rather than just national or local and runway shows began to incorporate more diversity among the models.