Unit 1: Cultures in Contact Essay

For my first unit 1 blog I wanted to choose topics that covered different aspects of cultures in contact. My region of choice was Mexico, but instead of just focusing on Mexico I wanted to focus on the connection between American and Mexican cultures in contact in both the U.S. and Mexico. I talked about topics like food, immigration, and language. All these things involve usually both cultures. The food aspect for example shows how Mexican food, which is a huge part of the culture, is infiltrating and gaining mass following in the U.S. What I liked about the Chipotle example is that the founder of Chipotle is not of Mexican decent but got inspired by the Mexican culture seen all around California in the street vendors selling burritos and tacos. Chipotle is a great example of a product of two cultures in contact. I also wanted to post something on Hollywood’s and the media’s portrayal of Hispanics in TV. Why are we not seeing Latin American in lead roles in Hollywood and why is it that when they are given a lead role characters are more than often being portrayed as stereotypes?
On to another topic I really wanted to talk about language because I think that along with food, the language you speak is a large part of the culture you belong to. Spanglish or code switching and word borrowing is something that is happening not just in Border States but also all over the nation. The arguments for and against it are all very appealing. Does it hurt your abilities in either language to partake in code switching and word borrowing? Does it enrich culture or create new cultures? These all questions I ask myself. The Blog on Unit one really aims to cover what I consider major consequences or issues that rise when to cultures come into contact.